Little Boys New Heros Contest


Welcome Too Our Contest Site !

Welcome to the little boys new heroes contest.

  • Rules:You MUST be 18 or older!
  • Studio recording will take place in is in CT
  • Must be US citizen!
  • Contest will take place between 9/11/13- 12/31/13
  • Winner must cover there own travel expenses and time off!
  •  Photographer for headshots contract is at her own discretion !
  • Studio time must take place up too a year after the winners notified and will take place at song writer's discretion based on singers performance level!
  • Youtubes rules and regulations must be followed (
  • A letter will be sent 30 days after contest ending a letter will be sent to first place announcing there win, a youtube post, and a post on our website here will also announce the winner to All!
  • If winner falls through on there obligations prize will go to second place winner
  • Lyrics are subject to change based on singers capabilities